Job Description

The individual will be responsible for monitoring a wide variety of Solar PV systems (commercial rooftop and utility ground mount) using a mix of Web-based dashboard systems, SCADA and other monitoring software. Along with monitoring duties, the role involves; assisting with system troubleshooting, technician dispatching and support, report development, and production performance review/analysis. The role involves interfacing with key customers and remote Northwind employees via phone, email, and internal chat systems. Good command of oral and written English is necessary, as well as a high degree of comfort working in a fast-paced environment where time is critical and customer expectations are high. In addition, there will be a requirement to work a shared portion of weekend and/or holiday shifts to ensure site production and dispatch technicians as required.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Full time monitoring of assigned solar PV systems from the Northwind Operations Centre (NOC
  • Support the creation of asset production and performance reports according to contractual requirements with Northwind’s customers. Includes any daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports required.
  • Assist and/or direct technical problem investigations wherever systems are down or showing suspect production values.
  • Work with the other team members and Senior SCADA Administrator to help direct needs for monitoring system modifications and improvements.
  • Manage phone calls and emails for site trouble reports.
  • Triage and diagnose technical issues where technician dispatches and field investigation may be required.
  • Assist in scheduling and on-demand dispatch of technicians in co-ordination with other company departments.
  • Monitor technician’s status and locations in field using Northwind’s Technician Dashboard.
  • Track all system outages or trouble calls in Northwind’s ticket system and assist in service order creation and dispatch.

Other Related Responsibilities:

  • Assist in monitoring weather at sites for safety of maintenance technicians (watch for rain/thunder/lightning conditions and send out notifications.
  • During the winter period, monitoring snow coverage on arrays to support clearing operations as required.
  • Assist in outage reporting to customers.
  • Review and understand regional technician skills and schedules in order to ensure the correct experience is utilized, and travel times to sites are optimized.
  • Interface with Ontario Grid Control Centre (OGCC) as required for planned outages, grid issues, or other related situations.

Required Skills and Experience

  • High degree of proficiency with computers in general
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • Adaptability within dynamic team and dynamic working environment
  • Ability to get to Peterborough, Ontario daily
  • High degree of proficiency with the following software:
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Variety of Web Browsers

Optional Skills:

  • SCADA Systems development and operation
  • Networking and IT Knowledge and Experience
  • Python Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Web Technology (HTML, JavaScript etc.)
  • Ontario Driver’s license
  • Electrical Systems
  • Solar PV Operations and/or Design